Why Your Height + High Heels Shouldn’t Matter

The Scorpio's Closet

Just a quick post, but I don’t care how tall you are or how short you are, high heels (or heels in general) should be something to rejoice about.

I am not talking about comfort here, or if you prefer your ballet flats to wedges, but I am writing merely on behalf of all my fellow tall girls out there who feel insecure in the attempt to wear heels.

Standing at 5 feet and 8 inches tall myself, I tend to be very skeptical whenever I debate on purchasing heels. With the overbearing question of “how many people will I be towering over if I wear these things?” running through my mind, I usually settle for a practical flat shoe. But what is so practical about a flat shoe to a heeled? I honestly do not know, because it’s not like I’m talking about glittering red-carpet ready stilettos, but more…

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